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When you entrust your real estate investment "your gem", to us. Our personal touch and care will make it a valuable jewel.


Emerald Real Estate Management is a full service property management firm. Family owned and operated. We have been managing residential and commercial property in New Mexico since 1981. We are a team of seasoned professional property managers and licensed REALTORS.


Are you trying to sell your property but can't find a buyer or get a fair price? (We can create rental income until it does sell or until the market comes back).Are you tired of dealing with the head aches of rental property?   (We're the cure).


Are you a real estate investor with many properties / units or do you simply have a house or an apartment for rent? (Professional property management will make a difference in your bottom line).


Would you like to sit back and get a check every month assured that your property and investment is being handled by the very best in the industry?


Then contact us, we can help and here's why we can!


Experience: When it comes to professional property management experience is what makes the difference. "Nothing else really matters". We have more years in business and more experience than most other firms in New Mexico, just ask. Whether it's in the rental of property, a simple estimate for repairs or in a court of law we have heard it all, done it all and experienced it all. We will get the job done right and done quickly.


Communication with Property Owners and Tenants: At Emerald Real Estate Management we understand how important it is to keep property owners up-to-date with property related issues. It is also important to keep an open line of communication with all our tenants. Our property owners are aware of all situation immediately. We have the experience you need for the proper advise and recommendation to any situation. This is why we are in frequent contact with property owners and tenants via personal communication and periodic news letters.


Vacancies are short lived: Emerald Real Estate Management has an aggressive , time proven rental marketing program. We implement many different ways of advertising our rental properties. Our many years in business has established a very strong base and source of tenant referrals. We also work with relocation firms and government relocation programs.


Tenant Qualifications: We seek out qualified  tenants with verified credit checks and background checks. We conduct present employment verifications and also check with past employers and landlords. We want tenants that will pay on time, but we also look for responsible individuals that will take care of the property.


Maintenance of property: To us your property should look like a gem. A property that looks top notch will attract top notch tenants. It will also enjoy higher property appreciation. We make regular random property inspections. Maintaining the property in the utmost condition is a priority and is strictly enforced.


Property safety and Security: The safety ,comfort and security of our tenants is very important to us. All yearly or seasonal maintenance procedures are scheduled and meticulously kept. We are also in touch with local police enforcement agency's . This helps us keep track of police visitation and activities at the property and vicinity.


Bookkeeping: Perhaps the most intricate part of our service. Our bookkeeping has an impeccable thirty year record of audits and accountability. Our comprehensive statements are simple, straight forward and easy to understand. Our property owners always know what the bottom line is and why. There are no surprises in our statements.


Representation: At Emerald Real Estate Management representing the property owners best interest is our job. Our property owners can rest assured knowing that they will be represented by a team of seasoned professionals. Any necessary repairs or maintenance procedures are done by qualified independent licensed contractors. They are not affiliated to Emerald Real Estate Management. So there is never a conflict of interest when negotiating. We are a dedicated team of experienced negotiators and problem solvers that you can count on to represent you and stand by you.


Management Fees: The compensation for our services is a percentage of rent collected and we only get paid when the rent is collected. It's that simple. There are no setup fees, no hourly representation fees or court fees. We require a $300.00 maintenance deposit. This money is used for small repairs and maintenance needs. Owners are responsible for paying for any advertising fees from outside sources.


We are not the most expensive firm, but we are definitely not the cheapest. Our fees leave room for investment growth. But it also gives usthe ability to offer our property owners the top notch service that should be expected from a professional property management team. Experience and knowledge come at a great value and as the saying goes you get what you pay for.


Offer us one percent of confidence, we'll work hard for the other ninety-nine percent.For more information please call us at 505-292-6611 or E-mail us at