Our Management Tean


We are experts in professional property management and real estate investment. Our commitment is to provide the best service possible and excellent quality housing.

We have two missions with one common goal.

  • Our first mission is to provide rental property owners and tenants with professional property management.
  • Our second mission is to provide another viable service to real estate agents and their sellers or clients.
  • Our goal is simply to be the very best professional property management firm in the state of New Mexico.

Emerald Real Estate Management has been successfully established in New Mexico since 1981. We are a family owned and operated business. When you speak to one of us your not speaking with an employee your speaking with an owner. An owner which has a strong personal commitment, to provide the best service possible . We offer a personal touch and special interest in all our properties. Our reputation is very valuable to us. In our opinion, this is the reason for our success and the key ingredient that has distinguished us from the other firms for so many years.

  • Administrative

  • Office Staff - Our staff is a bilingual  team of seasoned professional  property managers. We are licensed real estate agents and
    registered REALTORS ®. From bookkeeping and real estate investing to representation in court our experience is unsurpassed.
  • Front office  -  Yolanda Gonzalez    / Office manager / Yolanda oversees all office procedures and is the front line of REM
  • Back Office  -   Patrick Long / Property Manager/ Patrick is involved with the daily operations o the firm and is also in charge of all accounting and bookkeeping procedure. This is a very essential component to our business. 
  • Back Office  -  Mario Villeda/ Property Manager/ Mario is involved in showing and inspecting the homes. 
  • Qualifying Broker  - Eleanor R. Brue  /  Property Manager - Team leader/  Eleanoris at the head of our organization.  Eleanor is the heart and sole of our company. She has been professionally managing property for over twenty five years and has extensive knowledge about every facet of the business. Eleanor over sees, directs and participates in all the day today operations of the company.
  • Broker   - Dianne Abbin/ Associate Broker/ Property Manager
  • Broker   -  Patricia Gonzalez  Associate Broker / Sales Agent 
  • Broker   -  Angelica Oquendo/ Associate Broker/ Sales Agent
  • Broker - Mario Villeda / Associate Broker / Sales Agent

Our Services Include


A Strong dynamic marketing program to ensure quick rental and minimal vacancies.
Collection of rental and leasing fees.  We assure that all security and damage deposits are collected  and   properly directed.  

Accounting and bookkeeping through Propertyware.

Pay bills, disburse funds to owners and prepare 1099 tax forms.

Post late payment notices, violation notices and ensuring compliance. 

Monthly reports and invoices.

Establishing property liens when necessary

Obtain and maintain adequate and proper insurance. Also file and follow up on claims.

 Represent the owners interest in court when necessary.

Process evictions, keep property safe and secure. Also collect any unpaid or owed money.

Available to both tenants and owners 24 hours a day.



All our maintenance procedures are preformed by qualified licenced professionals. They are subcontracted and not affiliated with
Emerald Real Estate Management.

Properties are inspected regularly. This includes the house interior and exterior, grounds & landscaping

Seasonal A/C and heater conversion.

Black Topping  

We assure that all maintenance and repairs are scheduled supervised and properly completed on a timely base.


Snow removal

Maintaining property secure and safe

We assure that all maintenance and repairs are scheduled supervised and properly completed on a timely base.