Welcome to Emerald Real Estate Management.


Welcome to Emerald Real Estate Management LLC. 


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When you in trust your real estate investment "your gem", to us. Our personal touch and care will make it a valuable jewel. 


Emerald Real Estate Management is a full service property management firm. Family owned and operated. We have been managing residential and commercial property in New Mexico since 1981. We are a team of seasoned

professional property managers and licensed REALTORS.



Rental Property Owners



In our opinion real estate is still a great investment. It still offers the potential for growth and income.If you own rental properties or if your thinking of renting out your property, you came to the right place. Are you trying to


sell your property but cant find a buyer or get a fair price? We can create rental income until it does sell. Our experience, knowledge and care is unsurpassed when it comes to professional property management. Our owners


 enjoy peace of mind along with profitable returns and income from their real estate investments. Our tenants enjoy the comfort of safe, good quality housing. Our property owners and tenants along with their families have


 depended on us and the service we provide for almost thirty years.Why take a chance with your real estate investment? When we already have a proven track record.


Offer us one percent of confidence, we'll work hard for the other ninety-nine percent. 


For more information on Emerald Real Estate Management and our services please visit our owner page or contact us at: 505-292-6611 / Emeraldrem@aol.com 






Emerald Real Estate Management has been providing safe, excellent quality housing since 1981. Our tenants enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that every family should have in their home. We have a 24 hour emergency line.


All repairs are done on a timely bases. We understand how important safety and comfort is to our family of tenants. 


For more information on rental properties please visit our properties page or contact us at 505-292-6611 




Real Estate Agents




Referral fee. Emerald Real Estate Management is offering a referral fee to all real estate agents. We are experiencing a very high demand for rental properties. With todays market, credit issues and economy many people are turning to leasing. Do you have listings that are not selling? We can help! We can create rental income for the seller and put cash in your pocket. While the property can still be up for sale. Do you have clients with rental property? We are the firm you should recommend!


 Please visit our agent page and find out why. For more information please call us at 505-292-6611 or E-mail us at EmeraldREM@aol.com